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Whilst those first few years in pre-school will probably not even register in your child's memory bank, they are essential when it comes to shaping both their character and personality.

It is at nursery that a child will first learn to relate to the world, to other people and even to themselves. It is here that they will learn the necessary social skills for life, including learning not to bite, snatch or thump when someone takes their favourite toy!

Now imagine sending your child off to a nursery, knowing that the open countryside will be their classroom, and Mother Nature the teacher in charge. Picture them spending time in a place free of restraints and limitations, experiencing and stimulating every one of their senses, and using their imagination to create a little bit of magic everyday.

Believe it or not, such a place actually exists!

The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery, located just outside of St Andrews in Fife, is the first outdoor nursery in Britain. With its classrooms hidden away amongst the trees, children are allowed the space and freedom to express themselves however they choose, and play out in the fresh air for more than 8 hours a day.

While many adults would baulk at the idea of spending everyday braving the elements, this nursery is proving that there is far more to day care than finger painting and organised play - and that even the cold, wind and snow are no match for children on the lookout for an adventure.

At Treehouse Life we share this vision, and firmly believe that spending time in the great outdoors is an important part of any child's education.

As well as helping to spark a lifelong interest in nature and the world we live in, spending more time 'doing' rather than 'watching' also keeps children active and on the move, something that is especially crucial at a time when childhood obesity is becoming such a wide spread problem.

Providing a safe environment in which to play, that challenges both the body and the mind is what Treehouse Life is all about.

We believe that through the use of treehouses, outdoor equipment and exciting adventure worlds, such as the ones we create, children can quickly develop a greater understanding of both their physical potentials and limitations. This builds confidence and self-esteem, and helps them to adopt a sensible attitude towards risk taking.

Just like the nursery in Scotland, we already offer our own take on a 'Treehouse Life education', with our exciting range of practical and affordable outdoor classrooms and pavilions. All tailor-made to suit the individual school or organization, they allow pupils the chance to see the world from a totally different angle, and perhaps even learn some new ideas while sitting up high amongst the trees.

If we could help to break through today's PC madness and the growing trend for over-protecting our children, we would love to give a little bit of this 'treehouse magic' to those just starting out in life, by building our very own Treehouse Nursery School!

What a wonderful place that would be to spend the day, scrambling up mountainous walls, flying through the air and letting energy and imagination lead the way. A place where numbers are learnt using leaves in the trees, and colours by watching the changing seasons on the ground.

Of course such a nursery may only be an idea and an aspiration for us right now, but give us a little time and who knows what we can achieve. After all, no one ever gets far in life by keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground...

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Now, welcome to our world. We build the sort of treehouses that every child dreams of, and every adult wishes they had had. Beautiful, wooden buildings, crafted using only the highest quality wood and materials, and all offering that perfect balance of indoor and outdoor treehouse space.

Our unique, adaptable and adventure inspired designs have always been a resounding hit with children from all over the UK. But does that mean we think treehouses are just for kids? No, far from it. We believe that to experience the joy of a Treehouse Life you only need to be young at heart. This is why we have also created our stylish 'resort' range treehouses, popular at a number of luxury destinations around the world.

So perhaps you can imagine having your own adventure playground, set high in the sky? Or maybe a luxurious garden retreat? A great place to escape, indulge your senses and recharge your soul. Or even a cosy cabin, tucked away amongst the trees? The perfect setting to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

At Treehouse Life we can offer all this, and so much is because we believe that life is too short to keep your feet firmly on the ground, we promise that if you can draw on your imagination, we can build you your dream.

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