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Imagine if you could create a world for your children, one that they would never forget. A magical land filled with action, excitement and squeals of delight. A place fueled by make-believe and the imagination of the young. A place inviting journeys to far-off lands, yet still safe to explore.

Imagine that your children could have all of this - that they could run through the air and soar like an eagle. They could cross deep ravines and scale mountainous heights. Scramble over unchartered terrain and swing through the trees. And they could do all of this, without ever leaving their own back garden.

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Free initial site visit

To share ideas, imagine and create we will listen to your thoughts and understand your requirements.  Find out more...

Consultation, design and budget

Solutions and proposals by sharing 3D model design movies, photos and detailed budgets.  Find out more...

Delivery, build and service

A treehouse project beyond your dreams, built by craftsmen and enjoyed for a lifetime.  Find out more...

Now, welcome to our world. We build the sort of treehouses that every child dreams of, and every adult wishes they had had. Beautiful, wooden buildings, crafted using only the highest quality wood and materials, and all offering that perfect balance of indoor and outdoor treehouse space.

Our unique, adaptable and adventure inspired designs have always been a resounding hit with children from all over the UK. But does that mean we think treehouses are just for kids? No, far from it. We believe that to experience the joy of a Treehouse Life you only need to be young at heart. This is why we have also created our stylish 'resort' range treehouses, popular at a number of luxury destinations around the world.

So perhaps you can imagine having your own adventure playground, set high in the sky? Or maybe a luxurious garden retreat? A great place to escape, indulge your senses and recharge your soul. Or even a cosy cabin, tucked away amongst the trees? The perfect setting to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

At Treehouse Life we can offer all this, and so much is because we believe that life is too short to keep your feet firmly on the ground, we promise that if you can draw on your imagination, we can build you your dream.

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