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Now who would say no to something that not only keeps their kids fit and healthy, but also entertained and out from under their feet!

But perhaps one of the best things of all about being a grandparent is being able to spoil your offspring's offspring, and treat them to something you previously wouldn't have had the spare cash to splash out on. Like a treehouse, for example. In fact, many of Treehouse Life's customers are grandparents - retired, foot-loose and fancy free, and finally in the financial position to do something really special for their family.

Beautiful treehouse 'castle' by Treehouse Life created using Barked Larch flitches

Treehose castle in two gorgeous Beech trees Treehouse in Barked Larch Treehouse in Sussex and a seamless blend with the garden Creating the treehouse deck Treehouse beams and joists in two Beech trees

When it comes to designing, creating, imagining and building our incredible treehouses, here at Treehouse Life we simply refuse to conform to the expected. Or even accept that there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed. We certainly don't believe in giving up, taking the easy road or listening to the words 'No', 'Impossible' or 'Can't be done'.

Beautiful Treehouse Nest 3D model designs as a performance space at a Children's Centre in Birmingham, UK

1 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 2 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 3 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 4 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 5 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 6 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 7 Treehouse Nest for performance and playjpg 8 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 9 Treehouse Nest for performance and play 10 Treehouse Nest for performance and play

Each project, design and bright idea we have always incorporates an element of daring, adrenaline and excitement, with a dash of fantasy and pure enchantment thrown in for free. And it is this, we believe, that will not only help to keep children fitting fit and incredibly active, but also reintroduce that most important element of any childhood - fun.

In fact, it's fair to say that at Treehouse Life we're not a company focused on making mountains of money and huge profit margins at the client's expense. Instead, ours is a business founded on a genuine love of what we do and a combined passion for helping to make other people's treehouse dreams come true.

Back in July we reported that Paul Cameron had commissioned Elizabeth Darcy Jones - Britain's very own Tea Poet - to write a special ditty to be performed by new treehouse owners upon completion of their own special 'treehouse dream'. A toast, if you will, for all family and friends who gather to launch this new treetop adventure world, and a blessing from all those who'll be fortunate enough to enjoy it for many years to come.

In fact we like to think to ourselves that much of Gary Barlow's recent musical success has been down to the treehouse we built! We picture him sat up there, legs swinging over the edge of the platform, pen and paper in hand and penning the lyrics to many of his famous, charting-topping songs.

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