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"Don't forget the kids. A tree house at the bottom of the garden will free up valuable space inside." 

"Millie spends hours playing out there. One day it's a castle, the next a cafe. It's great for her imagination"

Alison and David Slade commissioned Treehouse Life to build a treehouse for their daughter Millie, four, at the bottom of their 300ft garden in Highgate, London.

What was there before?

Nothing really.  Just a mass of nettles and ivy. The garden was very overgrown.

How long did it take?

About three weeks. they brought the materials in and built it all on site.

How much did you spend?

It cost about £15,000 including lighting and installation.

Was it worth it? Does Millie actually use it?

Absolutely. All the time. One day it's a castle, the next it's a cafe - it's great for her imagination. It's actually freed up space in the house, as we keep most of her play things out there now.

And do you use it yourselves?

I'm not sure we'd be allowed to!

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